Open Hands Community Care (OHCC): Providing Essential NDIS respite care in Brisbane for Individuals and Families

May 20, 2024

Are you or someone you know looking for temporary respite care and help in Brisbane? Inadequate access to respite care and apprehensions about continuity of care impact the participant and their carers’ health and well-being. At Open Hands Community Care (OHCC), we apprehend these challenges and hence the vital role of respite services for individuals with disabilities and their dedicated carers. Henceforth, we provide empathetic and consistent NDIS respite care in Brisbane for our participants and their carers, imparting the opportunity for a short break from caregiving responsibilities while confirming to provide the best standards of support and care to participants. 

What is Short-Term Accommodation and Respite?

Short Term Accommodation, such as respite, is a critical form of support services for individuals who want to live away from home temporarily. As one of the NDIS respite providers in Brisbane, we offer respite for both individuals with a disability and their carers, imparting a quick reprieve from the responsibility of caregiving while ensuring excellent care and support for the participants in need. Whether it’s for a weekend getaway, a quick-term stay to strive for new activities, or simply to refresh and recharge, our Short-Term Accommodation program is planned to meet the diverse needs of our clients. 

Comprehensive Support Services

At our NDIS respite care in Brisbane, OHCC, we offer comprehensive support services custom-made to the unique desires and preferences of our participants and their carers. Our dedicated crew of professionals is devoted to ensuring the safety, well-being, and luxury of all members in our care. From customised care plans to attractive amusement time sports and nutritious food, we attempt to create a supportive and nurturing surrounding in which participants can thrive and experience their respite to the fullest.

Flexibility and Choice

We know that each participant has particular needs and choices, so we provide flexibility and choice in our Short-Term Accommodation program. Whether a short stay of a few days or a long break of up to twenty-eight days in a year, participants and their families can tailor their respite services to match their particular situations. As the NDIS respite providers in Brisbane, we aim to empower our participants to make informed choices about respite care and look after their health and well-being. 

Accessing Support

If you or someone you know requires short-term respite care, our team at OHCC is here to assist. Simply call us to converse about your requirements, and we’ll work with you to create a customised respite care plan that meets your necessities. Our expert team of NDIS respite care in Brisbane is accessible to provide guidance and support throughout the procedure, assuring a continuous experience for our participants, their family, and their carers.

Why Open Hands?

At OHCC, we are committed to supplying empathetic and all-inclusive respite services to people with disability, their family, and their carers in Brisbane. Our Short-Term Accommodation programs offer a precious event for people to take a leave from caregiving duties even at the same time as receiving the high standards of care and help. With our flexible and customised approach, we want to empower our participants to maintain their fitness and well-being. Contact us to learn about our respite services.