Housing & Accommodation at Open Hands Community Care

As an organisation we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and care services to individuals with diverse needs. One of the key principles that underpin our approach is the promotion of Housing, Accommodation & Supported Independent Living (SIL).

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is an approach to care that prioritises enabling individuals to live as independently as possible, while still receiving necessary supports. At Open Hands Community Care, we recognise that every person we serve is unique, and their journey towards independence may vary. Our SIL encompasses various levels of assistance, including housing, personal care, and community engagement.

The Key Benefits of Supported Independent Living (SIL):

  1. Dignity and Autonomy: SIL empowers individuals to maintain their dignity and autonomy. It fosters a sense of self-worth and self-determination, allowing people to make choices about their daily lives.
  2. Community Inclusion: By offering support within community settings, SIL encourages individuals to actively participate in society. This inclusion enhances their social skills, relationships, and overall well-being.
  3. Cost-Efficiency: SIL is often more cost-effective than institutionalised care. It reduces the need for extensive facility-based services, making it a sustainable option for both individuals and communities.
  4. Personalised Support Plans: Each person receiving SIL support benefits from a tailored support plan that addresses their unique needs and goals. This individualised approach ensures that the support provided is meaningful and effective.
  5. Improved Quality of Life: When individuals have the opportunity to live independently with support, their overall quality of life tends to improve. They have the freedom to pursue their interests, engage in activities they enjoy, and maintain a sense of purpose.

Open Hands Community Care’s Commitment to SIL.

Our organisation is committed to the principles of Supported Independent Living, and we integrate them into every aspect of our services:

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is at the heart of Open Hands Community Care’s mission. It is a holistic and person-centred approach that recognizes the inherent worth and potential of every individual we serve. By prioritising SIL, we aim to enable individuals to lead fulfilling lives, actively participate in their communities, and achieve their unique goals. Through our commitment to SIL, we continue to make a positive impact on the lives of those we support, their families, and the communities we serve.

With our Short-Term Accommodation, you can find comfort in the knowledge that your family member is in a safe and compassionate setting, receiving tailored care and assistance. Our inviting amenities and devoted staff establish a comforting environment away from home for your loved one.

For those in search of longer stays, our Medium-Term Accommodation provides a smooth shift between one’s residence and the community, encouraging self-sufficiency and social integration. Our team collaborates closely with individuals to create customised support plans that cater to their distinct requirements and goals.

At Open Hands Community Care, we recognise the significance of respite for caregivers and the beneficial influence it has on the overall welfare of families. Be assured that our compassionate and skilled team is dedicated to delivering outstanding respite services, empowering both caregivers and individuals with disabilities to flourish.

Experience the solace and peace of mind that our Respite Services offer. Allow us to be your reliable ally in assisting your loved one on their distinct journey while you seize a moment to rejuvenate and prioritise self-care. Reach out to us today to explore our respite choices and begin a journey of renewal and assistance.

Here are some of recent feedback from our Housing and Accommodation tenants:

“You have provided me with suitable accommodation at an incredibly challenging time in my life and for that, I will forever be appreciative and grateful of your service.”
– OHCC NDIS Participant & Housing Tenant

“You have saved me from moving for the 18th time in the last 2 years, ultimately homeless. Proving me accommodation has allowed me to flourish in my recovery. I’m so grateful.” – OHCC NDIS Participant & Housing Tenant

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Open Hands Community Care is committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of its participants and clients by providing essential support and fostering a sense of belonging within the community. With dedicated support workers, we ensures that individuals have the opportunity to engage actively with their surroundings and live fulfilling lives.

We empowers our participants and clients to venture out into the community, enriching their lives through meaningful experiences such as the participation within our Neighborhood Marketplace.

Many participants and clients of Open Hands Community Care find immense fulfillment in giving back to their communities. We actively supports and encourages volunteer opportunities. Whether it’s helping at the Marketplace, attending or participating in community events, or mentoring youth, individuals are given the chance to make a positive impact, enhancing their sense of purpose.

This month our participants got to experience different exciting activities that encouraged them to explore their interests and passions, develop new skills, and build relationships with others in their community.

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Open Hands encourages the above activities and more because we understands that being an active member of the community is essential for overall well-being.

Our support workers continuously build strong relationships with our participants and clients, gaining a deep understanding of their needs, preferences, and aspirations. This personalized approach allows for tailored support plans that empower individuals to engage confidently in community activities.

One of the key aspects of Open Hands’ approach is helping participants and clients discover and pursue their interests and hobbies. Whether someone is passionate about art, sports, or nature, Open Hands facilitates opportunities for engagement. The goal is to ensure that individuals have access to activities they are genuinely enthusiastic about.

Community engagement is about more than just participating in activities; it’s also about building meaningful social connections. Open Hands understands the importance of friendships and companionship for mental and emotional well-being. Our support workers are actively encourage participants and clients to connect with others who share their interests, fostering a sense of belonging and reducing feelings of isolation.

Open Hands Community Care places a strong emphasis on promoting independence among our participants and clients. Our support workers work closely with individuals to develop essential life skills, such as budgeting, grocery shopping, and using public transportation. This newfound independence empowers our participants to explore their community with confidence, knowing they have the skills needed to navigate various situations.

At Open Hands we’re not just a Registered NDIS Provider, we are a family and that is evident in all that we continually do and strive for every day, with the support and services we provide.

Thank you to our participant family for an adventurous and beautiful month, we can’t wait to create more memories.

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Aligning with similar core values and visions with Open Hands Community Care, Carinity is a leading not-for-profit, Christian based care organisation. The organization helps individuals and families reach their full potential and live enriched lives. Just like Open Hands, It’s an organisation with a bold vision: to create a more compassionate, equitable, and connected community. Through a wide range of projects and initiatives.

One of these initiatives are the Collaborative Community Projects. Carinity’s Collaborative Community Projects objective is to fund community outreach programs that relieve or mitigate disadvantage and promote connectivity for vulnerable people.

Open Hands is proud to announce funding from Collaborative Community Projects has been awarded in the aim to expand the Neighborhood marketplace. Through this partnership Open Hands will soon have a demountable building and proper shop setup with more space to offer food products to the community. Together, the two organisations are forging a path towards a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

The service of the marketplace will continue to help reduce the cost of household staples by providing access to discounted foods and groceries – up to 75% off retail price – as well as free food hampers.

“Our food relief services started back in April 2020 as a direct response to the pandemic. Times were tough then with our service catering to upwards of 100 families per week, but now, with the increase in the cost of living, this demand has skyrocketed. Our Neighbourhood Marketplace now caters to 3 to 4 times that number” says Managing Director Sherifaye Kargbo.

“Customers say to us, ‘thank you, we do not know how we would survive otherwise’. It puts a smile on our volunteers’ faces and gives us that push to keep going.”

Community members from all walks of like, as well as recently arrived refugees, migrants, individuals and families facing diverse crisis can access the service, including people from as far away as the Gold Coast.

Community-driven initiatives such as the Collaborative Community Projects stand as beacons of hope, reminding us of the power of collaboration and compassion. Carinity, an organization dedicated to making a positive impact on communities, is exemplifying this spirit through its unwavering support of Open Hands Community Care.

“We’re really grateful to Carinity for their help. It will have a wider impact on the lives of many people who are doing it tough,” said Mrs. Kargbo

Carinity’s partnership with Open Hands Community Care is a testament to its commitment to the community’s welfare.

July 2023

July has brought with it the successful commissioning of our Brand New Cool Room, all thanks to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund – Round 114 Grant Round. After 7 months of waiting our Brand New 2.4m x 2.4m Cool Room has arrived and has been installed!

We extend our gratitude to the @GamblingCommunityBenefitFundQueensland for their most generous grant funding. The commissioning of the Cool Room means that we’ve doubled our space and cool capacity, reduced risks of manual handling incidents and injuries to our much loved Volunteers, but most importantly our Neighbourhood Marketplace will continue on in the vital work of  daily Food Relief.

We extend our thanks and appreciation to all our community members who continue to support our initiative, and a special mention to @LeeanneEnochMP for supporting our application.

We are grateful!

On Saturday, 23rd June 23 our Operations Lead, Pule Salafai together with Mama Salafai, attended yet another Women’s Luncheon at 4EB, a prominent community radio station. The luncheon aimed at empowering and celebrating women from diverse backgrounds. The event, held at the station’s headquarters, brought together a remarkable group of women, fostering networking opportunities, and encouraging discussions on various topics.

4EB aims to organise four luncheons annually collaborating, forming partnerships for women’s empowerment in Qld. The luncheon served as a platform for women to connect, share experiences, and gain insights from accomplished speakers and professionals. Attendees included women from all walks of life, ranging from entrepreneurs and artists to activists and community leaders.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from the 4EB team, emphasizing the importance of women’s empowerment and their contributions to society. The gathering featured an array of inspiring guest speakers who shared their stories, challenges, services and triumphs.

Four new community services were in attendance at the luncheon.  One of the notable speakers, Lisa from ECCQ – Ethnic Community Council Qld, specialising in support services for Women from CALD communities. Another Katrina who is part of Women’s Empowerment Lead from Social Policy Group Logan, specialising in Family and Domestic Violence. The Director from Multigroup Gold Coast specialising in community partnerships, information and referral services in the GC area, was also in attendance, together with Indian group leader, who is also a Bollywood Dancer recently located to Brisbane from NZ offering Rhythm’s Dance Group.

The panel comprised successful women of our community, each with a unique background and expertise. They shared practical tips, personal anecdotes, strategies and services they provide.

In addition to the speakers and panel discussion, the luncheon featured interactive activities and networking sessions. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and forge new professional relationships. The event created a supportive environment, fostering collaboration and encouraging women to uplift and empower one another.

4EB, as an inclusive community radio station, has a long-standing commitment to promoting diversity and providing a platform for underrepresented voices. The women’s luncheon exemplified the station’s dedication to supporting and celebrating women from all backgrounds, fostering an environment where their stories and experiences can be heard and appreciated.

We extend a huge thank you to Irene Bayldon and the team for yet another wonderful event put together, and extending an invitation to Open Hands Community Care. We look forward to many more.

June brought on some thrilling news. As we welcomed the cold and end of the 2022 financial year, we were please to also attend some amazing events.

We started off with the privilege of our Founders Sheriff & Mariatu, being recognised and awarded together with others at the 2023 Queensland Day event held at Algester State School on Sunday, Sunday, 4th June 2023.

The QLDay Family Fun Day was a fun-filled event with many wonderful activities and entertainment organised by Algester Parkinson Lions Club who teamed up with the Honourable Leeanne Enoch MP.

The awards presented celebrated and appreciated organisations and individuals within the Algester Electorate that work tirelessly to improve the lives of individuals and families in their communities.

A huge thank you to Hon. Leeanne Enoch MP & Hon. Jim Chalmers MP Feberal MP & Treasurer of Australia, for the recognition.

We extend congratulations to all the other recipients of the Algester 2023 Queensland Day Awards. In deed, they were well deserved for all the incredible work being done in the community.

Changing lives one at a time is what we know and what we will continue to do.

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Volunteers are the heart and soul of any community. Their selfless dedication, passion, and commitment makes a significant impact on the lives of others. National Volunteer’s Week is a special time to honour and appreciate the invaluable contributions made by these everyday heroes. This year’s was held during 15 – 21 May 2023, with the theme being Change Makers.

This year, in celebration and appreciation of our selfless and relentless Change Maker’s, OHCC ensured organised a Social Media Campaign, celebrating and shining the spotlight on our wonderful team.

We started the week with two of our dedicated volunteers Barbara and Skip, who have both selflessly dedicated their time to giving back to their Community and making a real difference. The mother and son duo commenced volunteering at our Neighbourhood Marketplace 1 day a week back in October 2021, and now being 2 days. Chances are many who have attended the Neighbourhood Marketplace been served by the wonderful Barbara, and been assisted to your car by the ever-cherpy Skip!

Mid-week we celebrated our hard-working volunteers Grace and Alice. Grace has been with OHCC as a volunteer since July 2022 and has been part of the THOP Community since 2011. A Full Time Healthcare worker and a mother of 4, Grace is one of our Support Workers ne of our Support Workers, who still makes time to volunteer at our Neighbourhood Marketplace either before or after shift work! More like Grace, Alice has been apart of the THOP Community since 2009, and has been Volunteering at the Neighbourhood Marketplace since June 2021. A Full-Time student, yet Alice finds joy in giving back to her Community. As our Administration and Shop Assistant, chances are you’ve been welcomed by her warm smile.

Finally we acknowledged and celebrated our hands on, hard-working men of OHCC Alex and Robert. Alex has been part of the THOP and Open Hands team since launch, and heads the Welfare and Hospitality Teams of THOP. Alex oversees Community Engagements & Outreaches, and back in Oct 2022, worked with the Team, to pack and distribute over 400 Food Hampers through our “Leave No One Behind” Food Relief Drive! He’s dedicated his time, efforts, energy and passion to making a meaningful and impactful difference in his Community. Similarly, Robert has also been apart of the THOP and Open Hands teams since launch, and as one of our Managing Directors, heads the Disability Support Services Team at Open Hands. A Full-Time Healthcare Worker, yet Robert still makes the time to volunteer as one of our Food Rescue Drivers, facilitating the redistribution of good quality surplus food from our Charity Partners @Foodbank, @Secondbite & @Coles, ensuring our Marketplace is stocked with quality fresh produce daily, that would otherwise go to landfills.

We are beyond grateful for all the hard-work and perseverance of our volunteers of OHCC. We are thank for all our volunteers taking out the time to contribute to the vision and mission of our organisation.

On behalf of our Founders, Management and Staff here at OHCC, we hope that all had a wonderful week celebrating all volunteers nationally. This week serves as a powerful reminder that everyone can contribute to making the world a better place, and bring forth real Change! By sharing stories of remarkable volunteers and their impact, we can inspire others to take action and as an organisation we will, continue to stand by you and with you always!

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Our dedicated and resilient volunteers Barbara and Skip alongside our Operations Lead – Pule attended the Volunteer Connect Membership Appreciation / Community Awareness Day on Sunday, 7th May 2023.

Volunteer Connect, a thriving community organization dedicated to connecting volunteers with meaningful opportunities, recently celebrated a momentous day of membership appreciation and community awareness.

It was a day filled with delicious food, joyful connections, and a shared commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

This event served as a platform to express gratitude to the dedicated volunteers who selflessly contribute their time and skills, while also raising awareness about the organization’s mission and impact on the local community. The day was marked by vibrant art exhibitions, engaging activities, and heartfelt expressions of gratitude, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

Open Hands Community Care extends a heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers who have generously given their time, skills, and compassion to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Their selfless dedication and unwavering commitment to community service serve as a shining example of the power of kindness and empathy.

Their unwavering commitment to community service has made a significant difference and has inspired hope and kindness in countless individuals

Their contributions have transformed lives, built stronger communities, and inspired others to follow in their footsteps. The gratitude and appreciation for their invaluable work will forever be remembered and cherished.

All smiles all round. Thank you to the team for representing our community and OHCC.

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On Saturday 6th May 2023, our Operations Lead recently had the honour of attending the 2023 QACC AfriQLDS Awards on behalf of Open Hands Community Care (OHCC). The QACC AfriQLDS Awards is an annual event that recognises individuals and organisations for their dedication and commitment to improving the lives of people in their local communities.

Queensland African Communities Council (QACC) is a non-profit organisation for African communities in Queensland, who working towards uniting African communities irrespective of their ethnic, political, religious, national or regional backgrounds.

In alignment with OHCC’s goals and values, QACC is committed to engaging and supporting community organisations and individual members.

The QACC Awards is a significant honour for Open Hands Community Care to be in attendance, and it is a testament to the hard work and dedication of their staff and volunteers. We are proud to have been given the opportunity to attend this significant event.

Overall, the QACC Awards is a wonderful event that celebrates the contributions of individuals and organisations that are making a positive impact in their communities. Open Hands Community Care takes pride in being part of such cause and initiatives as the organisation continues to grow and having tremendous impact via its community support services

At OHCC we endeavour to continue with our goal in providing food assistance, disability services and advocacy & advisory services which includes identifying impacting gaps and assisting people navigate social barriers. Our dedicated a team of dedicated volunteers also continue to ensure that the community’s most vulnerable members are taken care of food relief initiative.

A huge thank you to the QACC team for such a remarkable event and invitation. The team had a marvellous and enjoyable night.

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Open Hands Diversity Day Celebration: Community Family FUNDAY is an annual event that brings together families, friends, and members of the community for a day of fun and activities. The event was organised by the Open Hands Community, a non-profit organisation that works to improve the lives of people in the community by providing various forms of responsive, person-centred, and tailored supports.

This year’s Diversity Day Celebration, was a huge success, attracting more than 200+ attendees from all around the Brisbane South-East region. The event, which took place on Saturday, 25th March 2023, featured a wide range of activities and entertainment for individuals and families of all ages. With a light drizzle, the weather was beautiful with Sunshine enjoyed throughout the day.

Children enjoyed a range of games and activities, including face painting, jumping castles, animal farm and various arts, crafts and cultural African drumming workshops. There were also several other physical activities, including a sack races, pony rides and raffle competitions.

Adults were not left out, either. They enjoyed live music, African drumming performances, and a range of market stalls with varied food and drink options. There were also several local community vendors with handmade crafts, jewellery, clothing, and other items.

One of the highlights of the event was the community collaboration of all community members coming together to celebrate each other’s cultures. The FUNDAY event celebrated cultural diversity, inclusivity, respect, and a sense of belonging for everyone irrespective of backgrounds.

Another highlight of the event was the raffle, which raised vital funds for the Open Hands Community and our services and programs on offer. Several Government officials such as the Honourable Milton Dick MP, the Honourable Leeanne Enoch MP, Councillor Angela Owen – Calamvale Ward, Councillor Steve Griffiths – Moorooka Ward & sponsored and donated prizes, including gift certificates, hampers, and other valuable items. The lucky winners of the raffles were thrilled with their prizes, and all the funds raised will go a long way in supporting the work of the Open Hands Community.

Overall, the Diversity Day Celebration: Community Family FUNDAY was a huge success in bringing together members of the community for a day of fun, entertainment, and community spirit. The event was a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Open Hands Community, as well as the incredible generosity and support of local businesses and our valued community members.

The success of the event has inspired the Open Hands Community to continue to work hard to improve the lives of people in the community, and to organize more events like the Open Hands Community Family FUNDAY in the future. With the continued support of the community, the Open Hands Community is sure to make a lasting impact on the lives of many people in the years to come, living up to our ethos of “Transformation for a life lived abundantly”.

A huge thank you to all our Sponsors especially the Minister for Multicultural Affairs, the Honourable Leanne Linard MP and the Queensland Government, for supporting Open Hands Community Care with a $5,000 grant which enabled the team to make this event possible and memorable for all. A special thank you to the Queensland African Communities Council (QACC) President; Mr. Beny Bol OAM and Vice-President; Ms. Belleange Tshibangu for gracing the occasion. A special thank you to the Core Leadership Team of THOP Church, our wider THOP Church family and of course to all community members and supporters for making it all happen.

We look forward to creating more unforgettable moments such as the Diversity Day Celebration: Community Family FUNDAY, with more future events.

Watch this space!