Recipient of the Heritage Bank Grant

Recipient of the Heritage Bank Grant

February 28, 2023

February 2023 brought on a lot of new and exciting opportunities for Open Hands Community Care (OHCC). As successful grant recipient of the Heritage Bank – Forest Lake Community Grant Round, we were thrilled to be supported with the purchase of a brand-new ride-on lawnmower! This has since been used in the cleaning and proper maintenance of our property located on 318 Ritchie Road, Pallara QLD 4110, exclusively used for our various community activities, programs and services.

The House of Prayer, together with Open Hands Community Care have been utilising its 13 acres (5.1452 hectares) of property since 2015, delivering a range of community base initiatives that are innovative, relevant & responsive, ensuring that member of the community remain engaged and connected to supports, services and the community.

As a non-profit organisation, OHCC continues to provide essential services such as Food Relief, Community Support Services, Disability Support Services and facilitates various outreach programs tailored to individuals, families, migrants and refugees doing it tough, and this grant funding will go a long way, in ensuring our premises is able to be maintained, in order to continue facilitating these vital services.

“We are extremely grateful to the Heritage Bank Forest Lake Branch team and the Forest Lake One Community for their generous support in this brand-new ride-on lawnmower. This has allowed us in part to continue our important work of supporting those in need in our communities, as it has enabled our grounds to be clean, safe and welcoming for all members and visitors,” said Mr. Sheriff Jalloh, Co-Founder & Managing Director of OHCC.

The new ride-on lawnmower has been a significant achievement for OHCC and has allowed the organisation to expand its services to enable more space on the ground, whilst cleaning and maintaining the property, ensuring that the site remains visually appealing, welcoming and safe, for all our community members.