Open Hands Community Care: Celebrating Women’s Strength and Unity

March 09, 2024

Date: March 9, 2024

Open Hands Community Care (OHCC) proudly embraced the spirit of International Women’s Day, commemorating the remarkable achievements and resilience of women worldwide. On this special occasion, OHCC celebrated the inspiring women who contribute significantly to the organization’s mission every day.

The day commenced with a heartfelt acknowledgment of the incredible strength, resilience, and accomplishments of women globally. At OHCC, we recognize the privilege of working alongside inspiring women who leave an indelible mark through their dedication and impact.

Two prominent OHCC figures, Co-Founder Mariatu and Operations Lead Pule, had the honour of attending a meaningful Women’s Breakfast hosted by Leeanne Enoch MP. This gathering brought together influential women from Murri School, Algester State School, Pallara Special School, Kids Magik, and Girls Guide. The morning was characterized by inspiration, connection, and shared stories, fostering a sense of community and empowerment.

Certificates of Appreciation were presented during this heart-warming event, recognizing the invaluable contributions of the attendees. The breakfast became a platform for women to share their experiences and celebrate their strengths and achievements collectively.

As OHCC embraced the theme of Queensland Women’s Week (QWW), our team had the privilege of participating in the empowering celebrations of women and girls throughout Queensland. The week served as a testament to the remarkable successes and contributions of women across the region.

OHCC stands proudly as part of this empowering initiative, championing the strength, resilience, and invaluable contributions of women within our community and beyond. The organization remains committed to fostering a culture that uplifts, supports, and celebrates the achievements of all women.

The Women’s Breakfast and QWW celebrations underscore OHCC’s dedication to building a supportive and inclusive environment. The shared spirit of sisterhood, evident in the connections formed and stories exchanged, continues to inspire the OHCC community.

As the week unfolded, OHCC emphasized the importance of ongoing support, recognition, and celebration of women’s achievements. The organization remains committed to fostering an environment where women can thrive, empowering each other to reach new heights.

The essence of International Women’s Day, the Women’s Breakfast, and Queensland Women’s Week resonates with OHCC’s core values—equality, empowerment, and community. Here’s to the uplifting spirit of sisterhood and the ongoing commitment to celebrating the strength and achievements of all women.

Cheers to the women who shape our world and the collective journey towards equality, empowerment, and support!

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