Housing & Accommodation at Open Hands Community Care

September 28, 2023

Housing & Accommodation at Open Hands Community Care

As an organisation we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and care services to individuals with diverse needs. One of the key principles that underpin our approach is the promotion of Housing, Accommodation & Supported Independent Living (SIL).

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is an approach to care that prioritises enabling individuals to live as independently as possible, while still receiving necessary supports. At Open Hands Community Care, we recognise that every person we serve is unique, and their journey towards independence may vary. Our SIL encompasses various levels of assistance, including housing, personal care, and community engagement.

The Key Benefits of Supported Independent Living (SIL):

  1. Dignity and Autonomy: SIL empowers individuals to maintain their dignity and autonomy. It fosters a sense of self-worth and self-determination, allowing people to make choices about their daily lives.
  2. Community Inclusion: By offering support within community settings, SIL encourages individuals to actively participate in society. This inclusion enhances their social skills, relationships, and overall well-being.
  3. Cost-Efficiency: SIL is often more cost-effective than institutionalised care. It reduces the need for extensive facility-based services, making it a sustainable option for both individuals and communities.
  4. Personalised Support Plans: Each person receiving SIL support benefits from a tailored support plan that addresses their unique needs and goals. This individualised approach ensures that the support provided is meaningful and effective.
  5. Improved Quality of Life: When individuals have the opportunity to live independently with support, their overall quality of life tends to improve. They have the freedom to pursue their interests, engage in activities they enjoy, and maintain a sense of purpose.

Open Hands Community Care’s Commitment to SIL.

Our organisation is committed to the principles of Supported Independent Living, and we integrate them into every aspect of our services:

  • Housing: We provide a range of housing options, from Private Rental Opportunities, Short-Term Accommodation (STA), Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA) or Supported Independent Living (SIL), ensuring that each individual’s living situation aligns with their needs and preferences.
  • Personalised Care: Our team of skilled professionals works closely with each person we support to create individualised support plans. These plans are regularly reviewed and adapted to accommodate changing needs and goals.
  • Community Engagement: We actively encourage and facilitate community engagement, helping individuals build social connections and actively participate in local activities.
  • Skill Development: We offer skill-building programs that empower individuals to acquire the skills needed to live independently, such as cooking, budgeting, and transportation training.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is at the heart of Open Hands Community Care’s mission. It is a holistic and person-centred approach that recognizes the inherent worth and potential of every individual we serve. By prioritising SIL, we aim to enable individuals to lead fulfilling lives, actively participate in their communities, and achieve their unique goals. Through our commitment to SIL, we continue to make a positive impact on the lives of those we support, their families, and the communities we serve.

With our Short-Term Accommodation, you can find comfort in the knowledge that your family member is in a safe and compassionate setting, receiving tailored care and assistance. Our inviting amenities and devoted staff establish a comforting environment away from home for your loved one.

For those in search of longer stays, our Medium-Term Accommodation provides a smooth shift between one’s residence and the community, encouraging self-sufficiency and social integration. Our team collaborates closely with individuals to create customised support plans that cater to their distinct requirements and goals.

At Open Hands Community Care, we recognise the significance of respite for caregivers and the beneficial influence it has on the overall welfare of families. Be assured that our compassionate and skilled team is dedicated to delivering outstanding respite services, empowering both caregivers and individuals with disabilities to flourish.

Experience the solace and peace of mind that our Respite Services offer. Allow us to be your reliable ally in assisting your loved one on their distinct journey while you seize a moment to rejuvenate and prioritise self-care. Reach out to us today to explore our respite choices and begin a journey of renewal and assistance.

Here are some of recent feedback from our Housing and Accommodation tenants:

“You have provided me with suitable accommodation at an incredibly challenging time in my life and for that, I will forever be appreciative and grateful of your service.”
– OHCC NDIS Participant & Housing Tenant

“You have saved me from moving for the 18th time in the last 2 years, ultimately homeless. Proving me accommodation has allowed me to flourish in my recovery. I’m so grateful.” – OHCC NDIS Participant & Housing Tenant

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