Heartfelt Celebrations and Well-Wishes: A February to Remember at Open Hands Community Care

March 04, 2024

Date: March 1, 2024

In the spirit of unity and friendship, February became a month of joyous celebrations at Open Hands Community Care (OHCC) as we came together for our Staff and Volunteer’s Post-Christmas festivities. This heartwarming occasion served as a much-needed regroup for our dedicated team, providing a platform for both new and familiar faces to connect and celebrate.

The atmosphere was electric with laughter and shared moments as our team reveled in the festivities. It was a day marked by a sense of togetherness, where bonds were strengthened, and friendships were forged. The event not only highlighted the commitment of our team but also emphasized the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive community within OHCC.

One of the bittersweet moments of the day was bidding pre-goodbyes to our beloved Managing Director, Sherifaye Kagbo. Sherifaye, who has been an integral part of the OHCC family, is gradually winding down for her maternity leave. As we extend our warmest wishes and congratulations to her and Robert, the impending addition to the OHCC family fills our hearts with excitement and anticipation.

The day’s festivities were a reflection of the positive and collaborative spirit that defines OHCC. Our team, comprising passionate individuals dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those we serve, took a moment to celebrate achievements, share stories, and express gratitude for the collective efforts that make OHCC a remarkable community.

The occasion was not just about the festivities; it was about acknowledging the value each team member brings to OHCC and recognizing the synergy that propels us forward. In the midst of laughter and joy, there was a sense of appreciation for the diversity of talents and perspectives that contribute to the success of our organization.

As we bid farewell to February, the memories of this special celebration will linger, serving as a reminder of the strength that lies in unity. OHCC remains committed to fostering a workplace culture that not only values professional excellence but also prioritizes the well-being and happiness of our team members.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the newest member to the OHCC family, knowing that this addition will bring immeasurable joy and inspiration to our community. The legacy of warmth, compassion, and dedication that Sherifaye leaves behind will undoubtedly continue to guide OHCC as we navigate the path ahead.

In the spirit of unity and with hearts full of appreciation, we express gratitude to our team, volunteers, and especially to Sherifaye Kagbo for her outstanding contributions. Open Hands Community Care thrives because of the collective efforts of our incredible team, and together, we look forward to creating more moments of celebration, growth, and shared success.

Here’s to a future filled with continued camaraderie and the unwavering spirit of Open Hands Community Care!


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