Fun-Filled Month Event

Fun-Filled Month: OHCC Participates in the Pasifika & Māori Health & Wellbeing Strategy Workshop & the Brisbane Disability Expo!

October 24, 2023

What an eventful month it has been for us at OHCC!

Our team has been immersed in a whirlwind of exciting events. We kicked off the month by attending our very first Brisbane Disability Expo as a registered NDIS Disability Provider, held Friday, 13th October 2023.

This expo is a significant event in the disability services calendar, offering a distinct platform for Open Hands and other providers and services to engage with the community and demonstrate their dedication to empowering individuals with disabilities. Held at the Royal International Convention Centre, our team engaged with diverse audiences, including individuals with disabilities, their families, caregivers, support workers, and fellow providers and services.

During this event, our team engaged in insightful discussions, shared informative materials, and had the opportunity to learn, equipping OHCC to better support both new and existing NDIS participants and their loved ones on their journey.

Open Hands Community Care is enthusiastic and anticipates being part of next year’s Brisbane Disability Expo as an Exhibitor / Sponsor. We eagerly look forward to connecting with the community to further OHCC’s mission of enhancing the quality of life for individuals with disabilities, one life at a time!

The very next day, Saturday, 14th October, we had the privilege of actively participating in the Pasifika & Māori Health & Wellbeing Strategy Workshop, an Australian Government initiative organised by the Primary Health Network (PHN). These workshops play a pivotal role in addressing the distinctive health and wellbeing needs of Pasifika and Māori communities in Queensland.

Engaging in these workshops brings about several advantages for organisations like Open Hands Community Care, such as:

Contribution to Community Wellbeing: By actively participating in discussions and strategies, we can actively contribute to the creation of initiatives tailored to the specific needs and challenges faced by Pasifika and Māori communities.

Collaboration: These workshops typically bring together diverse stakeholders, including government agencies, healthcare providers, community organisations, and community members. This collaborative approach can result in more comprehensive and effective strategies.

Cultural Competency: Understanding the cultural intricacies and values of Pasifika and Māori communities is crucial for delivering culturally competent care. These workshops serve as a platform for learning and sharing insights in this regard.

Policy Influence: Active participation in such events can exert influence on policies that are more attuned to the unique requirements of these communities.

Network Building: These workshops provide an opportunity to connect with other like-minded organizations and individuals who share a commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of Pasifika and Māori populations.

Education and Awareness: Such workshops often include educational sessions and discussions on pertinent topics, which can broaden our knowledge and awareness about the challenges and opportunities in this field.

Our commitment to sharing our organisation’s experiences from these events and workshops with our audience and community members remains steadfast. We are continually growing and learning from the experiences of others. These kind of active participation leads to positive outcomes for both OHCC and the communities we serve. We look forward to actively participating in the 2024 Community Workshops and being a part of change needed for our communities to Flourish and Thrive.